Plaid Suit – a Shopping Guide

plaid suit

I’ve worked in a 9-5 office, what it feels like a lifetime ago. When I was living in Dubai, for 4 months, I worked in a corporate office. There was, of course, a corporate attire: white shirt, black pants, heels preferably. It was horrid. But one thing was certain, there wasn’t much thinking to do in the morning. I knew what I was wearing every single day, with bright colored accessories.

Nowadays, my wardrobe is less boring, but daunting. I don’t have a go-to outfit, it takes me a while to get dressed. For a while now, I’ve trying to find something I can just pick up, feel good, get out the door and not worry. And a few weeks ago, that’s just what I found. This plaid suit is anything but boring, and an ensemble I’ll be sure to grab over and over. I’ve already worn it with heels, sneakers and boots – and it felt ah-mazing.

I have a soft spot for plaid and gingham. And feel like this suit is both. Especially at a time when we’re seeing so many on the street style runway. Because it’s so easy, I’m sure. For that, and some other reasons, I put together a plaid suit shopping guide to make your life easy as well. Rest assured, you can wear it anywhere, with anything, for anyone.

plaid suit

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