Episode 34: Miami Part Two

1 hotel south beach

In the midst of all this cold and snow, my heart is warmed by the thought of Miami. The last two days of our trip were the best. We spent the night at 1 Hotel South Beach – which was M’s birthday gift. And definitely enjoyed some quality time together. So much so, that we forgot to record most of it. There are great highlights of our day though. Miami is such a vibrant city and I never expected to enjoy that much. It has so much culture, art and vibes. Not to mention it was warm as summer in December.

We talk about moving someone warmer all the time. It especially hits M when New York is freezing cold and we can’t even go outside to walk the dog. While he’s a summer person, I’m an in between. I love having seasons and being cozy on such cold days. And don’t actually mind the cold. But the thought of living somewhere like Los Angeles, San Diego or Miami gives me goosebumps.

This is the second of two videos of Miami. We made a promise to go back in 2018 so stay tuned for that. And happy Monday fam!

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