Morning Skin Care Routine – Updated

For the past few months I’ve been very consistent with my skin care routine, whether in the morning or at night, and I figured out a way that actually works really well. The key is to try out things and determine what works best for you and how well your skin reacts to the products you put on. This is my updated morning skin care routine.

morning-skin-care-routine, skin-care-routine, what-products-to-apply-in-the-morning, estée-lauder-products

After I splash my face with cold water and rinse with a dry and clean towel, I clean the skin throughly with my go-to and all time favorite Thayers Rose Water. What this does, ultimately, is remove any make-up remaining from the previous day and create a nice, fresh and smooth base for the next product.

I normally wait a few seconds while my skin dries and then apply the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Until recently, I would only apply it at night, but I’ve read a few articles and saw a few tutorials that indicate how good it is to prep your skin for your make-up.

morning-skin-care-routine, skin-care-routine, what-products-to-apply-in-the-morning, estée-lauder-products

Then, I put a dash of moisturizer to help hydrate my skin. I’ve been using La Roche Posay Effaclar H for years now and, since I have a sort of a dull and dry complexion, the H ingredient helps my skin feel highly hydrated and live-like.

This next step is something I only started doing about three weeks ago but it turned out to be an instant go-to. The Estée Edit Late Night Eraser is for the area around the eyes and helps them recover from any lack of sleep or tiredness. I will be talking more specifically about it in an upcoming post.

morning-skin-care-routine, skin-care-routine, what-products-to-apply-in-the-morning, estée-lauder-products

Step number five is very specific to me. I have a very problematic chin, prone to breakouts, where the skin is very irregular and, while food is the main concern, I try helping with this miracle worker, La Roche Posay Effaclar K which is an acne treatment cream to apply only in the affected area. The smell is quite intense but in a week, my skin already feels more even and breakout-free.

Lastly, the final step of the process, especially if I’m leaving the apartment, is to apply the Estée Lauder Advanced Protection with SPF 50. My skin is so sensitive and light that just a little bit of sun might burn it.

What’s your morning skin care routine like? Any different? I would love to know the products you apply. You can also see how I set my complexion for make-up here.