Life Expectations

When something big happens in my life, I always have this feeling that something shifts. It normally has a big impact on me, being that I don’t have a lot of things quite figured out, but it always pushes me to think about life and how I’m living it. My grandfather was a pivotal person while I was growing up, I have a lot of fond memories and, what he said about feeling like he lived to the fullest makes me think if I’m also doing it.

There are a lot of societal pressures to do certain things in a certain way, like choosing your major, finding a partner, a 9-5 job, getting married, having kids, which are somewhat inevitable and, ultimately, end up defining our paths more than they should. This past summer, I was asked several times when would I be having babies and, while it’s something I think about, and me and M have discussed, I don’t like having this kind of pressure and being asked.

While I do want to have kids, I don’t want to feel guilty by not having them now or pressured because I should already be having them. There’s nothing wrong with not having things figure out, not following a certain path and, that’s kind of the beauty of it! I don’t want to set a timeline for when things should happen, but rather live the present and accept it as it is. What matters most is how you surround yourself with people you love, think about the now and always invest in yourself, living in the present only means that you are enjoying your life!