Power Foods for Hydrated Skin

Skin regimen isn’t only about what moisturizer you decide to apply or how many facials you can squeeze in. Although highly important, everything and anything in our body comes mostly from what, how and when you ingest. Food should always be on your priority list when it comes to healthy complexion, and it isn’t necessarily related to being on a diet but rather looking out for what you eat and drink, as a way to prevent dull, dry and flaky skin.

Ever heard the expression what counts is on the inside? When it comes to skin, that’s the motto! There are several key nutrients and ingredients that make a huge difference and impact our skin regimen, and help us achieve a glow-y and radiant result, without over-using harsh techniques that may end up doing more damage than good. I am far from having a flawless skin, but know exactly which foods I should steer clear of and the ones I can indulge, so to speak.

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