Throwback Thursday playlist

A few weeks ago, me and a group of my hometown friends started a playlist on Spotify with songs we were crazy about when we were teenagers, and used to hang out pretty much every-single-day – our golden years! I found it funny to post about it, because it was a crazy and revolutionary time for music in our lives and I still have cassete tapes with all the MTV music videos of back then. Music video productions were high and we would know all the songs back and forth and even have sing along competitions.

Lately, the playlist has been on repeat while I’m working, or cleaning the apartment, or getting dressed, or even taking a walk. It’s great that we can reminisce, even if we’re all living in different countries, and I feel it makes us miss each other a bit less (if that’s even possible). We keep making constant additions to the list but here’s my top 12 of favorite teenage songs in no necessary order:

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