Season must-haves

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Dolce Floral Drops Eau de Toilette from Dolce & Gabbana, Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder, Perfection Lumière Teint Fluide from Chanel, Hypnôse Drama Mascara from Lancôme, Hand Cream from Dr. Hauschka, Peppermint Foot Scrub from The Body Shop, Nail Polishes from Chanel, Glow Dust in Radiate from Topshop and
Ring Set from H&M.

About a month ago I was reading June issue of Elle magazine (with Taylor Swift on the cover) and there was an ad about Amy Marietta talking about her must-haves for summer. I really liked the idea of having a versatile post about the things I consider my must-haves for spring and summer. For the past two years I feel like I’ve been investing a lot in my skin and worrying about the way it looks and feels. Only in the last few months it started soothing and being pimple free – due to food allergies – and I’m feeling like my old self (before I had to care this much).

I make it a routine to wash my face every night and apply the Estée Lauder serum that absorbs instantly and makes my skin feel oil free. Also getting acquainted with Chanel’s foundation and concealer (also seen here), that don’t irritate my skin and make it feel soft all day long. A touch of mascara and a hint of a floral, fresh and spring-y like perfume to give that perfect smell. For my feet, I exfoliate at least once a week with this peppermint foot scrub from The Body Shop, it has this minted smell that’s contagious.

My hands also have to be under great care because of my highly dried skin. I can, and do, apply hand cream four to five times a day and they’re still going to be dry. I’m now on my fourth tube of Dr. Hauschka hand cream and if you have access to it, just take a smell! It’s incredible and the texture does not make your hands feel moist-y and sweaty.

For that great pre-summer-beach-season-glow, I apply a tanning powder I bought at Topshop. It has this great head that allows you to apply slowly without feeling too exaggerated. I normally give a slight touch on the cheek-bones just to have a tan glow.

I’m curious to know what are you spring and summer must-haves?