World animal day

Photo taken from my mom’s iPad.

Today, besides yom kippur, the planet is celebrating World Animal Day. Another day to celebrate, spoil, kiss, hug, pet and love (even more) our animals. I’ve mentioned before but throughout the years I’ve lived with my parents, we always had lots of animals. I remember the first ones being fish and turtles, two chicks, a lot of parakeets, guinea pigs and midget rabbits. Unfortunately for one reason or another, we had to given them up or they were hunted by the neighbour’s dog. After my last guinea pig had a fatal destiny, we decided to not have animals for some time. Until, in 2010, a friend had puppies and we kept one of them. The smallest of the bunch. I never get tired of saying that he’s the worlds greatest dog and the smartest one as well. Since the day he came to our home, I’ve felt a deeper connection and sympathy for dogs all around. I’m always saying to M. how dogs have the kindest eyes and that I cannot imagine how people can hurt them – or any other animal for that matter! So, let’s cheer for all the animals, all they go through without even realising and how much they change and enrich our lives.