Currently making me happy

In the past week, I’ve been having problems organising my time, work and leisure. From time to time that happens – I don’t know why but it does. I’m normally highly organised, I have an agenda where I’m always writing down things to do and ideas I have, and checking them as I go. But this past week went by in a flash and my time – although very busy – was poorly managed. Tomorrow is already Monday – auch. I managed to run almost every day of the week, which made me feel awesome. I worked a lot for projects I’m involved back in Portugal, got a lot of back and forth emails and a couple of surprises – which I will tell you about throughout next week. We’re also officially counting down for two of our friends to come and visit us for some days and are overly excited and trying – already – to figure out what we’re going to do when they get here. On Friday, we had a dinner for four at our place and I was the one in charge of cooking and decorating. We cleaned our apartment, I went to the supermarket, bought flowers, delicious food, went to pick up a pie and dinner was great. Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Gone Girl. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and the movie kept me going until the end. Two and a half hours went by in a flash, like those books you read, page after page, wanting to know what happens next. What made me happy this past week? My running, my clean apartment and the tulips that brighten up the place instantly. Have a great week you guys.