My take

Photo by PatrĂ­cia Canastreiro.

I guess being a drama queen is a more common thing than we think and it doesn’t apply only to girls. I know a lot of guys that can be such drama queens – and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. This post came to me a few days ago while having a conversation with a friend. I realised that it’s become a common thing to make a big drama out of the most ordinary and insignificant things. I’m also a victim of the act and been a drama queen myself quite a few times. And what I mean by this is, when we create a huge problem over small and unimportant things. We are all in need of some perspective – and it goes along with what I wrote here. We have to be able and have that discerning quality to quantify our problems and react accordingly. Getting a pair of pants ruin, your phone broken or you nail chipped is not the end of the world. I once cried because I thought I lost my iPod, how sad was I?I also cried when my phone got stolen last year, but I want to believe that I was crying because my personal space and property got invaded – not over the phone and the thousands of pictures I had there and weren’t on the cloud. Moving somewhere you don’t know anyone or anything helps you become a better person when it comes to dramatising issues. You find new ones way more worth your drops of drama – like missing your family’s support or your girl friend’s pep talk. It certainly puts a pin over material issues and emphasises emotional ones.