To photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question.

Lately there’s been a lot of controversy over the photoshopped or not photoshopped pictures on Instagram accounts. Instagram used to be a powerful tool because, supposedly, reflected the real life of even the most famous Hollywood stars. And now even that is questioned and there’s no certainty or validity that those pictures are the real thing. I feel there’s a bigger issue being raised when we talk about the involvement of image altering tools in social media and the way it affects people’s lives all around the world. Modern society is lacking actual real life people and events – enter blogs. When we grow up in a place that promotes, not perfect (because what is perfection?), but flawless beauty, there’s something kind of wrong. What we see on movies, TV shows, magazines, internet is not real. Images of the Hollywood industry are managed and distorted to fit what the beauty standards are these days. It doesn’t get said enough that, real people get more hits and spread a more important message to whoever is reading, seeing or listening. This is why I love blogs and blogging. True, there’s always a certain manipulation issue that comes along with the pictures showing up on any given blog, but normally we can expect normal people with normal lives. I certainly don’t expect that, when I’m cooking, my plate looks like it’s for display, so I wouldn’t show case it that way. That’s what feels so real about blogs, they make you feel like you can relate. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I see a lot of people around me that need a reality check. They need to understand that things don’t happen like in the movies and that life is more powerful than any TV show we can watch. Life is about doing things you love, things you don’t love, making sacrifices, feeling accomplished, feeling loved or, if you don’t have any of these things, trying to get them. By this, I don’t mean that all of my posts are going to be reality related but in some way, I want people to feel like they can reproduce an outfit I suggest or think about the relationship they’re in – if they’re happy, unhappy, trapped, or they can see themselves in what I’m writing. It’s important to remember to live life, compromise, leap, sing, cry, talk, laugh, miss – oh the missing! Account for the small things like a hug, a piece of very good fruit, a meal in your favourite restaurant, a glass of wine at the end of a hard day or week. I’m doing this so I can show you what my life looks like without any filters or photoshop. It is what it is.