#NYFW update

Day seven of New York Fashion Week was a viral day. I’ve seen this picture of the Michael Kors show shared in everyone’s facebook, instagram, twiter account more than any other pictures so far. Maybe that was just me! But this flower skirt combined with a normal and pretty standard blue shirt is just perfect. This is something I would wear off the runway. It looks effortless, springy, casual, practical and everything you can think of to describe a very not-so-ordinary outfit. Anna Sui showed us that fashion has no rules with bold pattern combinations. Anything can go with anything and you just have to transpire a bold attitude towards what you’re wearing, that goes halfway into rocking a not-so-conventional look. Rachel Zoe also introduced her ready-to-wear collection and I followed it through social media. The looks I saw were very black and white basic but created a fusion with the background that was amazingly breathtaking. Pictures from here.

Day eight was the last day of fashion week, in New York, full of military and jungle innuendoes. Marc Jacobs went sans-make-up and most of his collection sported the military green we’ve come to love, a variation of khaki (as I-oh-so-proudly-predicted without even knowing) and beige. The dresses were flow-y and had a sort of an arch to make them more feminine. The Ralph Lauren show had a similar more classic and older-woman vibe. Still, we can see the military inspirations and the rounded dresses/skirts. The pictures are from here and here.

And that’s it for New York Fashion Week. Although I didn’t even got close to Lincoln Center or any of the gorgeous places you can follow on Instagram’s most famous bloggers, it was really fun to be on the reporting side – even if I don’t have the expertise to claim I’m reporting – and show you what went on in the crazy, awesome and at times overwhelming, fashion week. London is already hitting full swing and don’t miss the Topshop show, that probably already started. Have a lovely sunday!