Combine it with

Day outfit: Shirt, $79.90; Earrings, $19.90; Shopper Bag, $59.90; Leather Slip-Ons, $89.90.
Night outfit: Shirt, $59.90; Necklace, $19.90; Party Bag, $79.90; Jewelled Sandal, $119.

Today I would be happy just wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans with a loose shirt. I think it would go perfectly with my mood and state of mind – loose and in need of something casual. This pair of boyfriend jeans is not, yet, in my wardrobe but it’s a big go-get-it for the autumn. Using them for a day of work or pairing them with a nice silk shirt and some shiny heels, just makes any outfit look casual-chic in an instance. Everything is from Zara.