Nothing Like I’ve Ever Done Before

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen a change in scenery and palette. After months of debating if I was coming home for my mother’s 60th birthday, on the last possible day, I decided to come. I crossed the idea off my mind for some time. It was a subject of great sadness to be missing another key moment in my family’s array. Her birthday was this past Saturday. Early Friday, me and my husband decided to give zero f’s. With the miles I had accumulated, I purchased a cheaper ticket, spent the day packing and organizing the apartment, and off I went to JFK. Nothing like I’ve ever done before.

I only spoke to my brother and by Saturday morning, I was landing in Lisbon. I decided to surprise my parents and just show up at their doorstep. And I don’t know about you, but these things give me huge anxiety. I must’ve aged 10 years with the whole process. But it was totally and utterly worth it. They were both very surprised and happy. My father kept following me around the house to make sure it was real. And the same day, we had the party, which was so fun. I got to see everyone, dance, eat and enjoy. Again, nothing like I’ve ever done before.

It’s been a great few days, taking time to be with my parents. We’ve been to the beach, strolling around town and taking it easy. Today we’re headed to Lisbon and tomorrow I already fly off to New York. We often get caught in our lives and forget to live them when we should. I loved how free and spontaneous I was, just to make a couple of peopleĀ as happy as possible. I understand that, not everyone has the ability to pull something like this off but, it can apply to really anything. Day by day, I’m conquering my fears and feeling a bit free of judgements and the opinions of others. Focusing on myself and the people that matter. And that’s more than half way to be truly happy.

It took all I had to get on a plane and fly home to surprise my parents. Often, the things we least expect and think through, are the ones that surprise us the most. Seeing the people who truly matter to me makes me feel grateful, alive and loved. Follow along on Insta Stories, which I’ve been trying to keep as updated as I possibly want to.