3 Looks for the Holiday Season

The holidays are quite the overwhelming time. Articles about reducing the stress and staying sane startĀ popping up. But one thing that should not be complicated, is your outfit. I’m not talking about outfit of the day. But outfits of the night. I’m sure you have a lot of parties, events and things to go to and, deciding what to wear is no pickle. To make your, and my life, a little bit easier, I put together 3 looks for the holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for Christmas, dinner with friends or even New Years Eve, your outfit should not get a toll. I realized, while doing this post, that I don’t go all out for the holiday looks. I don’t have that many pieces party-appropriate. What I do is, go for a more casual look that can be elevated with a beautiful shirt, a different hair do or even shimmer eye shadows. The important thing is to make your look, somehow, pop.

The holiday season is supposed to be fun – for most of us. The key rule I always follow is to now take myself too seriously. Think about looks that will make you and others around you laugh, feel inspired or even compliment. As always, pay attention to details and go for fabrics of the season. Velvet is king. If you walk into any store, you’re going to see velvet dresses and shimmer shirts.

My 3 looks for the holiday season are fairly simple to reproduce, if you’re lacking inspiration. The first one is a velvet dress from Zara, that I struggled to find. It’s a beautifully made dress and probably the one I’m wearing for New Years. The second look, also from Zara, is an all black ensemble. While it could easily become a boring one, the different textures add the fun element and the relaxed hair do brings the look a little down. The third, and last outfit, is a holiday off-white – and I think my favorite. I love playing dress up and these are often our opportunities to do it.

I thought it would be easier to make a small video of it.

Hopefully you also break down inĀ a dance party, maybe drink a glass of wine and enjoy some music while getting ready. I hope it inspires you to get dressed for your events and let me know in the comments what you think about this video. Happy holidays!

Shop a few of my favorite holiday party pieces below: