Documentaries Worth the Hype on Netflix #2

I felt like the first post I did about documentaries on Netflix was such a success that I decided to do it again. It’s also a great motivation to watch several more documentaries, just so I can talk about them. I’ve been growing tired of just watching series and TV shows. Which are fairly entertaining, and highly addictive, but also don’t teach you a lot. There might be some lessons about relationships, government issues or how to feed a dragon, but I was lacking something else. Around a month ago, I redeemed my love for documentaries, which I used to watch when I was little, and started with 3 big ones. Now, I’ve watched 3 more about which I have to talk about and recommend.

Amanda Knox is a documentary about the murder of an english girl in Italy, back in 2007. There are quite a few documentaries on Netflix talking about murderers and setting cases straight, or leaving them up to our own assumptions. I honestly don’t know what to conclude, after watching it but it’s quite an intriguing case. I remember watching the news about it but never paid too much attention. But it stroke a nerve and I felt unsettled. When I watched Making a Murderer, I knew for sure that Steven Avery was innocent. But with Amanda Knox, I honestly felt torned. What do you think?

Then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A documentary on Netflix made by Joe Cross, an Australian guy who’s overweight, sick and loaded up on steroids. It’s not a magnificent piece of documentary but it’s quite interesting to see, yet again, how food can change our lives. It’s a journey through his transformation, while traveling through the North America. Joe ends up helping others change their own lives and begin a journey to self recovery. All through the power of food.

Finally I decided to watch the very famous Requiem for the American Dream. Where Noam Chomsky talks about the power, wealth and economy in our time. The documentary was filmed throughout four years and it’s a summary of the interviews he did, talking about the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality. It’s very interesting to find out how the American economic and financial systems came to be, and how they’re creating a deep gap between classes that’s going to end middle class.

Do you have any documentaries you recommend? I would love to know.