Simple Pleasures

Life is all about enjoying the simplest of things and we tend to forget. Between e-mails, scrolling down on Instagram and commuting, some things are forgotten and pass us by without so much of a smile. This blog is supposed to remind me that everyday is a new day full of enjoyable and memorable little things. I’m starting a new series where I find appreciation for the smallest details happening around me.


The smell of fresh home made chocolate chips pancakes on a Sunday morning and the way they stack up so perfectly (also seen here and here).


Sunday strolls, brunches and sightseeing with M around Manhattan during spring and full bloom season are always magical (also seen here).


Central Park during spring is one of the most amazing phenomenons I’ve ever witnessed, making me want to pass by every single day (also seen here).


Corners of Manhattan through which I roam by myself with my iPod and camera looking for the next moment to snap.


One of my favorite spots on the Lower East Side’s details and very, very cool decoration. Café Henrie is not only good for its bowls but also retro deco (also seen here).