Being Healthy Everyday

There’s a percentage that’s been popping out a lot in several articles I’ve been reading and it hits close to home. It basically states that, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, your overall numbers should be 80% healthy and 20% indulgent. What this means, and what I live by, is that you should always try to be as healthy as possible and, on certain days, indulge in your cravings and don’t suppress them.

I’m always on the lookout for better options, especially because I cook most of my meals at home, and there are always better ingredients you can be using or substituting (most recently I started using coconut oil instead of the traditional olive oil). It’s also important to have a routine and stick to it, in a sense that it helps you keep track of what you’re eating and know when you can cheat. You can look at it like this: if in ten days, eight of them you ate healthy and two of them you didn’t, you can consider it a great goal!

It’s impossible to be healthy every single day and I allow myself to indulge when I go out to dinner, brunch or drinks with friends, maybe even all on the same day. But I’m conscious enough to know that the next day will be mostly spent detoxing, and I don’t mean drinking juices all day but rather reduce portions, run an extra mile or drink plenty of green tea and water.

It’s all a matter of balancing your act and controlling yourself. I know at times it can be difficult but, in the long haul, it’s all worth it. I always feel more energetic, in a good mood and feel I sleep better when I lookout for what I eat. But I also love to go out with friends and not having to worry about eating guacamole and nachos with a few margaritas.

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