What’s Holding You Down: Comparing Yourself

Most of the time, we are our own worst enemy. Whenever our head gets in the way, things are bound to get ruined. This happens to pretty much everything I do and because it’s so recurrent, I decided to look at the problem and try to figure out the source. When I finally realized it, I was utterly shocked! Not only because it’s something I do, almost unconsciously, but on an everyday basis: I’m constantly comparing myself to others and not just people I fairly know, but other bloggers, acquaintances, professionals, ex-colleagues and so on. How much harm do you think that causes in a long term? A lot, I can tell you.

I guess it’s only natural that we compare what we are doing to what is out there and it’s true, maybe it helps us grow and evolve and, most importantly, realize what we don’t want. But at the same time, we are scrolling down through our Instagram feed, thinking and wishing we had someone else’s life or business or body, when we can surely get it with hard work and dedication. There’s nothing more awful than wishing for something and not doing anything about it, or expect excelent results in a short period of time. Everything that’s worth while, takes a lot of work, sleepless nights, cancelled dates, investment and prioritizing.

This comparison behavior is highly toxic when you are trying to make it on your own and especially when it’s something you’ve never done before. Someone else already did it and imagine the courage that person had to have to do it! Give yourself a break and try to figure out who you are and what you want in order to make it work. Instead of comparing yourself, try to be determined to do it in your own terms and conditions, and be happy that someone else had the balls to inspire you to get started!