There Are No Quick Health Fixes

Being healthy should not be a full time job. It’s no longer a matter of being skinny but being, feeling and looking healthy. It should be a part of our everyday lifestyle and not something we do from time to time (e.g. for beach season). The thing is, we can struggle a bit more because we are not seeing the immediate outcome of our efforts. And we start to wonder why! There could be a few answers to this question and my guess is, you are making one (or more) of the following mistakes:

Not having enough sleep.

If we don’t get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, we are compromising our daily ability to concentrate, exercise, process and life in general. We are easily bound to make bad decisions when it comes to food, to exercise or not, to consume caffeine based drinks, to concentrate on our jobs and pay attention to people in our life. With a good amount of sleep, we will have more energy to invest into living a healthy lifestyle. Try simple tricks like, putting down all electronics after a certain hour, reading before going to bed, exercising throughout the day.

Increased “healthy food” portions.

Just because something is healthy it doesn’t mean we should over do with portions. We can easily mix different “healthy” ingredients that, combined, have more calories. Just because you have a family size portion of vegetables it doesn’t mean it’s highly healthy. The most common mistake we can make is overeating. Try measuring what you put on your plate with a small cup so you know exactly how much you are eating.

Having a cheat day.

From time to time it’s always good to have a cheat day, but let it be it. Make sure you don’t extend it to the next day and the next. Save two to three days a month for cheat days but be careful, just because you had a healthy week it does not necessarily mean that you can cheat at the end of it. Or, as I like to do it, mix in a little cheat with the healthy. Sometimes at the end of a meal I treat myself to three or four cubes of chocolate – and no more than that.

When products are something-free.

This is the most common mistake that even I have fallen a victim of. When you are at the supermarket, or even at a restaurant, a lot of things will say they are gluten, sugar, oil, fat-free and, even though it might be true, look out for hidden ingredients that make up for the fact that a single one is missing. Just because it’s sugar free it doesn’t mean the product does not have sugar in it but it’s stated under a different type of sugar. If it tastes so good, you should be suspicious.

Changing your habits because you are not seeing the expected results.

Well, if you are following a specific diet, went to a nutritionist or just know your limits when it comes to food, exercise and have a plan, give it some time to sink in. It’s common for people to give up early on because after two weeks they haven’t lost a lot of weight or are not feeling healthy. You have to be patient, persistent and make it a part of a healthy lifestyle.