Sports gear

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I’ve said countless times during this week that the cold has seriously spread through New York. It’s been a hard transition. Back in Portugal, winters are not this cold. We have to adapt, not only when it comes to our daily wear and accessories, but also to our sports wear. I’m still going on my morning walks – wether it’s raining or not – but my clothes had to go up a notch because I was developing a somewhat allergic reaction to the cold, especially on my upper legs. So now, every time I leave the apartment to go for a walk or run, I feel like an onion, I’m only peals. Two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, two or three pairs of sweaters, a jacket and a headband or beanie. I had to make a recent trip to a sports shop because I wasn’t at all prepared. Make sure that the first sweater is dry-fit and has a warm interior to preserve your body’s heat. The first pair of pants should resemble a pair of leggings or be tight and the second, a more fluffy material. The socks should go almost to your knee so you can keep your caves going. And the gloves are to prevent from getting dry and freezing hands. In the next months, I plan on becoming an expert on how to keep my body at a safe temperature so I can start training for the marathon. Let’s keep up!