My take

Photo by Patrícia Canastreiro.

It never, ever, goes without saying that we are going through a listening crisis. With the spread of social media, we are more egotistic than ever and our main – and sometimes only – focus, is us. We forget that the other person might have something to say or share and we go on and on about our day. Some years ago I was friends with a girl that was completely incapable of listening. She would only talk about her day, her things, her life, her everything. It was exhausting and eventually we stopped being friends – mainly because a person can handle so much of other’s lives. She would never talk about my problems or issues and the relationship was mainly based on me hearing her, constantly. There has to be a 50-50 scenario in every relationship you have. Or 60-40 if that’s the case. But there should always be room for you too listen and be heard. Sometimes it’s good to get out of our shell and really hear what someone is saying because they might be going through a struggle and, due to lack of listening skills, you may not be listening. Pay more attention to what surrounds you and what your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend is saying, but make yourself heard as well. It has to be a two way street – excuse the cliché.