Episode 5: My Husband Vlogged

my husband vlogged

Monday, we meet again. It seems like time is rushing by and it’s already Monday, again. But fear not, because here in America, it still feels like the weekend (tomorrow is the fourth of July). This Sunday we felt like having a more relaxed and toned down day. Me and my husband have been walking pretty intensively lately, so we felt like doing not a lot. And my husband vlogged!...

Pride Yourself

pride yourself

As I relax and listen to the good ol’ Bob Dylan, I ponder about this month’s theme: pride. I’m not going to pretend to understand the struggles through which the members of the LGBTQ community go through. But I certainly empathize with it. I cannot imagine having to take on the world just becauseย you’re being you. I feel like this month – now coming to an end – represents way...

Episode 4: the Most Famous Showroom in New York

most famous showroom in New York

Episode 4 is here! What does a regular day look like in New York, a lot of you might wonder. Well, I’m taking you well into a sort of typical day – once again. It’s not like I plan for things to happen this way but, I had yet another lunch with a friend and made a quick trip to SoHo for some shopping. Not all for myself k? I’ve...

Summer Dresses + a Shopping Guide

summer dresses

I’m all about the summer dresses once the season turns. You can’t catch me wearing pants during summer – it feels counter-intuitive. So hail the skirts and dresses and shirts. Better if they come in a tropical print. But today, we’re going to be talking about my favorite dresses and where you can find them. Heck, even where I can find them. I did the work for you and here...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 3: Going to the Beach in NYC

beach in NYC

Another Monday, another vlog. Episode 3 is live and we are taking you to the beach and back. Our first outing to the beach in NYC was a success. We’ve walked a few timesย on the pier next to the beach, but never actuallyย to the beach. To be honest, since both me and my husband come from a beach town, anything but, seems like we’re cheating. But this weekend, we thought...

About the Person Who Changes Your Life

person who changes your life

Watching re-runs of Sex and the City makes a gal wonder. How Carrie Bradshaw of me. There are a few episodes, back in the day, where they talk about girls who change men, and vice-versa. I often think about this. As you get older, you realize that everyone can be a diamond in the rough. We spend most of our teenage, and early adult years, wandering around and trying to...

Episode 2: a Regular Wednesday with a Special Recipe

special recipe

My week days are pretty standard and mainly focused on work. A lot of people think I’m scratching my head all day long. But from the moment I wake up until I check off all the items on my to-do list, it’s a-running. I try to do different things every week, just to keep it interesting. And yesterday, was a pretty packed day. Starting with an early wake up call,...

Trend Alert: Tropical Prints

tropical prints

Is there anything more summery than tropical prints? I’m talking George Clooney, circa 2011, in the movie The Descendants. I’ve always had a secret crush on prints like this. But their connotations were a bitย negative. Now, everyone is wearing and talking about them. What constitutes a tropical print, you might ask. Palm trees, sure. Birds. Flowers. But also color schemes. The green, baby blue, orange, yellow, all transport us to...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 1: the Vlog

episode 1

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice and relaxed weekend. Let’s kick off this gorgeous day in beauty with a new series I’m starting. From now on, I’ll be posting vlogs every Monday and Thursday to show you tids and bits of our life. I got the idea a few months ago (and actually shot the first episode back in April) but only now am getting to it....

New York City Guide – Everything You Need to Know

New York City guide

After a few months of roaming around, trying new things, visiting same old places, I’m finally launching my New York City guide! It’s still a work in progress – and I guess it will always be as long as I live here. But I’ll be making sure to update it as often as possible and develop a space where you can easily read, recommend and enjoy. This New York City...