Wedding Season Series – Get Dressed With Zara

wedding season

I guess one of the best and worst season’s of the year is wedding season. Even though weddings are happening all year long, spring time usually puts a new paragraph on it. And everyone starts to freak out a bit. Ever since the new year burst, a lot of my friends started looking for the perfect outfit. And so did I. In theory, I have 3 weddings this year. Wedding season...

Fashion Week: Fashion and Style Through the Years

style through the years

One of the great, or not so great depending on your point of view, perks of having a blog is that you throughly document your life. Granted, small aspects of your life, but I’ve also shared pretty personal things about me. One of the things I love to do the most is look back on past outfits. It’s been roughly 3 years since I started doing outfit of the day...

Modern Twist on the Bomber and the Best Mom Jeans

mom jeans

A couple of weeks ago, I had a busy week that took me to Manhattan several times. On hump day I caught an early dinner with a girlfriend at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. I went to buy fresh fish at the Grand Central Market. Went for a pleasant early morning walk and breakfast with my husband. It’s great to be living one subway stop away from the big apple...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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7 Key Pieces to Buy Now

key pieces

I realize that the last thing you’re probably thinking is: no more shopping. Even Leandra Medine isn’t shopping in January. But I’m all for the basics, the newness and the refresh button. After all, it is indeed 2017 and we can’t escape the capitalist society we live in. For me, that means finding key pieces that I’ll definitely be wearing – even though it’s under layers and layers. This isn’t...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Fashion Trends Forecast for 2017


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my basic interests (and if not, I’m telling you anyway): fashion (and trends), beauty, decor, health and wellbeing. Basically what constitutes my life. The thing is, fashion has always been a top priority in my interests. My grandmother used to buy all the Vogues, Elle’s and Cosmopolitan’s in life and give to my mother, who consequentially gave them to me. I...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Pink Faux Fur Coat and Bell Bottom Jeans

pink faux fur coat

I admit I may have a problem. I’m back to being a little girl, in love with her barbies and their dream house. A few years ago I completely banish pink from my closet. You wouldn’t catch me in anything even remotely aspiring the tone. But then last year, I found this sweater and this jacket. And this year, I found this gorgeous pink faux fur coat from Zara (similar...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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5 Ways to Style a Leopard Coat This Season

leopard coat

Word on the street is, leopard coats are the shizz. Everyone is wearing them, every high-end and fast fashion store has them and we are going for it. I actually got mine two years ago, on the worst winter of my life. And it’s a been a go-to ever since. Feel like everyone is following me (ha! wishful thinking). But all funniness aside, it’s a style for the ages and...

Off the Shoulder and a Touch of Shearling

off the shoulder

One of the most spotted trends, on and off the runway, this last fashion month was an off the shoulder motif. And I don’t mean off both shoulders tops, like we saw this summer. I mean, wearing sweaters, jackets, scarfs and anything you can off your favorite shoulder. It sounds like a fairly ridiculous trend but, trust me, and try it out. I find that woman tend to look very...

Velvet Dream For Fall


Zara Velvet Top, Valentino Velvet Sandals, Italian Independent Velvet Sunglasses, Rochas Velvet Clutch. Velvet has been coming up since fall 2015. I bought my first pair of velvet pants then and my collection hasn’t expanded that much. A pair of boots and I think that’s it. But I love seeing it on other people and I’m constantly looking at street style photos to see it being worn several different ways. It’s a tricky...

Fall Fashion and What Everyone is Wearing

fall fashion

Buckled Block Heel Shoes and Hoop Earrings, Mango Ankle Boots. I love fall fashion! I’ve said it before, but it’s my favorite season of them all. I get tired of summer easily and, halfway through August, I’m already craving from some cooler temperatures. Fashion is very forward and keeps us in the loop for one season ahead. We were still wearing flip-flops and already Vogue, and such, were stuffing jackets and...