Episode 24: the Smallest Plane I’ve Ever Been On

smallest plane

Hi everyone! I’ve been adopting this salutation on my vlogs and here on the blog, apparently. Sorry it has taken me this long to get back on track, but hell I missed it. More than I like to admit. It has been bugging me for weeks not posting but, then again, I need a break every now and then. Which means I have a lot of content stored and prepared...

Episode 21: What’s Wrong With Me?


Another vlog, another day in paradise. Today’s vlog is a lot of me, me, me, but being without my significant other makes me turn into a boring lady. Talking to herself on the camera. It’s not as fun. On the plus, side, I babble a lot and make some fun mistakes. A lot of people ask me why I normally speak english in my vlogs. Sometimes some Portuguese sneaks in. But...

Episode 20: a Typical Summer Day in Lagos, Portugal

typical summer day

I’ve been MIA, yet again. To be honest, I wanted to enjoy last week with my husband – who left for New York yesterday. I still posted on Monday and Tuesday but felt like I wanted to switch off. And that’s exactly what I did. That’s why yesterday I spent 4 hours going through hundreds of emails. I kid you not. But, meanwhile, we recorded a very typical summer day in...

Episode 18: Sagres, the Most Western Point in the Algarve


Last Sunday, I drove with my parents and a friend to the most western point in the Algarve: Sagres. This small town is best known for its big waves, beautiful and natural sights and unmistakable beaches. Even though, there’s a big resemblance to Big Sur – for a minute there I got really confused – there’s no place like it. One of my favorite thing to do back home, is...

Episode 17: We Spent the Night at the Beach


It all started around 14 years ago when I first went to Banho 29. Every year, in my hometown, there’s a party on the beach on the 29th of August. It’s been happening for years, but the first time I went, I was 14. I just started hanging out with a new group of, older, friends, and they organized to go to the party. It’s the one time of the year...

Episode 16: Going Back Home to Portugal


Early last week we got the confirmation that we could travel. I immediately booked the next flight back home and flew on Thursday the 24th. The flight is overnight, so I got to Portugal early morning on Friday. My father picked me up and we had lunch with my brother in Lisbon before heading south. It takes us around 2 and half hours to get home and by 5pm, we’d arrived....

How to Wear a Pair of Levi’s Shorts Two Different Ways

Levi's shorts

Even though summer is almost over as we’re approaching September, I’m still hanging on. As long as possible if I may say so. I’m not taking fall for an answer, and decided to rebel against it by buying a pair of Levi’s shorts. Thought I was in need of a pair, since all of mine were back home and I had no idea when I was going back. What I...

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Episode 15: I Went to the US Open with the Portuguese

US Open

Last week, the US Open qualifying started. For my husband, that’s the event of the year. Heading out to Flushing Meadows, hanging out with his friends and other players. Soaking in all the tennis he can. Early last week, I went to watch a derby (two Portuguese playing against each other). It was a fun and quiet Tuesday. I love seeing M at these events, it brings out a part...

Episode 12: Roadtrip to Charleston


I finally got around to organizing the footage we did in Charleston. I’m already nostalgic and have only been back in New York for two days. Because it might get a bit tricky to condense 4 days into a 6 minute video, I decided to spread it out through two videos. Today I’m sharing the first half of our trip to Charleston. It started bright and early last Thursday. We left New...

Charleston, South Carolina


Happy, happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend – I surely have. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know where me and my husband travelled to. If not, you should definitely follow and we came all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. With the growing anxiety, stress and tiredness of the past few months, we were in need of a quick escape. Montauk and biking through...