Episode 12: Roadtrip to Charleston


I finally got around to organizing the footage we did in Charleston. I’m already nostalgic and have only been back in New York for two days. Because it might get a bit tricky to condense 4 days into a 6 minute video, I decided to spread it out through two videos. Today I’m sharing the first half of our trip to Charleston. It started bright and early last Thursday. We left New...

Charleston, South Carolina


Happy, happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend – I surely have. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know where me and my husband travelled to. If not, you should definitely follow and we came all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. With the growing anxiety, stress and tiredness of the past few months, we were in need of a quick escape. Montauk and biking through...

20 Summer Finds

summer finds

Even though most people around the web are already contemplating the end of summer, mine hasn’t even started. I wrote here that I only really feel the summer when I’m back home. Which makes it all the more harder to endure these months in New York. But, with positive vibes in mind, I made a list of the 20 summer finds. Whether I’m talking about fashion, places or anything that falls...

My Favorite Summer Accessory + Shopping Guide

favorite summer accessory

I was 8, my parents, brother and I, were traveling through Europe. Halfway to Sweden, we stopped in Amsterdam. All I remember was the bikes, the canals and my first pair of sunglasses. They were these orange, acrylic, cat-eyed sunglasses. I still have them back home. All my summer pictures, I was wearing them and the infatuation went on. Until a few years later, I got another pair during summer. It...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 9: Dinner at a Long Island Beach Club

beach club

Hump days are always the designated day when I work from bed. After spending the morning catching up on work, I commuted to Long Island and visited the town we used to live. Roslyn is such a charming spot and I honestly miss the quiet sometimes. Since the days in the city can blend in easily, we decided to have a different date night. I headed out to Long Island...

Going Out Pajama Sets Shopping Guide

pajama sets

Good morning gorgeous people! After yesterday’s darker post, I’m ready to bring a more upbeat tune to the blog the rest of the week. Starting with pajama sets that you can wear anywhere. Late last week (if you follow me on Insta Stories you know what I’ll be talking about), I took Friday morning off, to do some shopping. Since my mood has been denying myself of a lot of...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 7: Who What Wear Event and Some Real Talk

Who What Wear event

Hello my unicorns! I want to apologize for posting yesterday’s vlog a little bit later today. We went to a party last night and, let’s just say I wasn’t in the best shape to edit the video (winky and drooling emoji). It was a packed Wednesday – and I even squeezed in a power nap. It all started with a Who What Wear event – that I was invited to...

Three Way: White Culotte Jeans for Summer

white summer culottes

You’ve probably seen these white culottes jumping around my feed. The reason I don’t wear them more often is because, every time I do, I get them dirty. Either Poppy jumps on me or something falls on them. Honestly, they are the hardest piece I’ve ever owned. And one of my favorites at the moment. And because white is summer, and summer is white, why not pair them three different...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 6: Summer in New York City

summer in new york city

After a few days of social media blockage, I’m slowly back to blogging. The thing is, I had to deal with some upsetting news last week – that I’m not at liberty to share right now, but will. And I didn’t feel like sharing things just for the sake of it. So I took a few days to digest and deal with the situation. Yesterday was the first day in a...

Summer Dresses + a Shopping Guide

summer dresses

I’m all about the summer dresses once the season turns. You can’t catch me wearing pants during summer – it feels counter-intuitive. So hail the skirts and dresses and shirts. Better if they come in a tropical print. But today, we’re going to be talking about my favorite dresses and where you can find them. Heck, even where I can find them. I did the work for you and here...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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