Episode 15: I Went to the US Open with the Portuguese

US Open

Last week, the US Open qualifying started. For my husband, that’s the event of the year. Heading out to Flushing Meadows, hanging out with his friends and other players. Soaking in all the tennis he can. Early last week, I went to watch a derby (two Portuguese playing against each other). It was a fun and quiet Tuesday. I love seeing M at these events, it brings out a part...

Episode 14: a Monday in August and the Solar Eclipse


When we were in Charleston (you can see episode 12 and 13), I made a decision. Because I don’t always feel like vlogging. And sometimes it’s hard to come home after a long day and still edit the video for the next day. I’m now going to vlog whenever I want. But still publish the videos every Monday and Thursday on the blog and my YouTube channel. So this past...

20 Summer Finds

summer finds

Even though most people around the web are already contemplating the end of summer, mine hasn’t even started. I wrote here that I only really feel the summer when I’m back home. Which makes it all the more harder to endure these months in New York. But, with positive vibes in mind, I made a list of the 20 summer finds. Whether I’m talking about fashion, places or anything that falls...

Episode 11: Broken Laptop Screen and a 60 Second Fashion Show

fashion show

Well, Wednesday started off a bit more down than usual. I felt like I needed to recover from Tuesday. Which was going to be the day I had my first facial, but turned into the day my laptop screen broke. I fucking hate unpredictable situations and this one made me tear up. As we sat at the Apple store on 5th, I just wanted to pull my hair out. We got...

Episode 10: Riding a Bike Through New York City

bike through New York City

I’m so happy to be writing this post. We’ve been planing for a few weeks now to bike through New York City. But we either decided to go to Montauk, it rained or was too hot. Yesterday was the day! It wasn’t too hot, nor cold, nor windy, nor impossible. We ate a strengthened breakfast, walked the dog and rented two Citi Bikes (this is not sponsored). Right in front of...

Episode 8: the Hamptons and End of the World


Happy, happy Monday everyone! Writing this already in bed, at one in the morning, and posting a fresh new vlog. Yesterday we headed East in Long Island and spent the day in the Hamptons and Montauk. For those of you who don’t know, Montauk is the most eastern town in Long Island, and the Hamptons are on its way. We ventured out early in the morning to avoid traffic, but could not...

Episode 7: Who What Wear Event and Some Real Talk

Who What Wear event

Hello my unicorns! I want to apologize for posting yesterday’s vlog a little bit later today. We went to a party last night and, let’s just say I wasn’t in the best shape to edit the video (winky and drooling emoji). It was a packed Wednesday – and I even squeezed in a power nap. It all started with a Who What Wear event – that I was invited to...

Three Way: White Culotte Jeans for Summer

white summer culottes

You’ve probably seen these white culottes jumping around my feed. The reason I don’t wear them more often is because, every time I do, I get them dirty. Either Poppy jumps on me or something falls on them. Honestly, they are the hardest piece I’ve ever owned. And one of my favorites at the moment. And because white is summer, and summer is white, why not pair them three different...

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Episode 6: Summer in New York City

summer in new york city

After a few days of social media blockage, I’m slowly back to blogging. The thing is, I had to deal with some upsetting news last week – that I’m not at liberty to share right now, but will. And I didn’t feel like sharing things just for the sake of it. So I took a few days to digest and deal with the situation. Yesterday was the first day in a...

Episode 5: My Husband Vlogged

my husband vlogged

Monday, we meet again. It seems like time is rushing by and it’s already Monday, again. But fear not, because here in America, it still feels like the weekend (tomorrow is the fourth of July). This Sunday we felt like having a more relaxed and toned down day. Me and my husband have been walking pretty intensively lately, so we felt like doing not a lot. And my husband vlogged!...