Wedding Season Series – Get Dressed With Zara

wedding season

I guess one of the best and worst season’s of the year is wedding season. Even though weddings are happening all year long, spring time usually puts a new paragraph on it. And everyone starts to freak out a bit. Ever since the new year burst, a lot of my friends started looking for the perfect outfit. And so did I. In theory, I have 3 weddings this year. Wedding season...

Dress Two Impress This Spring

dress two impress

When I decided to take a break from blogging, I cocooned into a research mode. It was accidental but I found inspiration in my favorite blogs, websites, newsletters and Pinterest. To cut a long story short, I’m going to start changing things around here and trying out different layouts and posts. Things were getting a bit stiff and, again, my creativity needed a break. I’m starting to share these sorts of...

5 Pieces to Update Your Wardrobe For Spring

wardrobe for spring

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, we’re slowly easing into a new season. Spring hasn’t sprung in New York but everyone seems to have all the right vibes. And a girl can dream, even if just inside her apartment. Case in point. I selected a few pieces I’m seeing all over, that help transition into a warmer weather. Or at least the spirit of it. Updating your wardrobe for...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

gift guide for her

Because ladies are my specialty when it comes to gifting, I could not leave them out of the Valentine’s Day equation. There was a time when I got gifted on this day, and I usually ended up with flowers and chocolates (not complaining though). Lingerie was on my account (winky face). But again, the intention of the day is what gets to me. I love the idea of celebrating love – even...

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him + GIVEAWAY

valentine's day

Every Valentine’s Day makes less and less sense over time. I was never that much into it from the beginning, but now, it has gone way passed its expiration date. Even though, I like the idea of having one day where couples are sweet to each other. A young boy, or girl, proposes his/her love for someone else. A rose is left at the step of your door. A poem...

7 Key Pieces to Buy Now

key pieces

I realize that the last thing you’re probably thinking is: no more shopping. Even Leandra Medine isn’t shopping in January. But I’m all for the basics, the newness and the refresh button. After all, it is indeed 2017 and we can’t escape the capitalist society we live in. For me, that means finding key pieces that I’ll definitely be wearing – even though it’s under layers and layers. This isn’t...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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3 Looks for the Holiday Season

3 looks for the holiday season

The holidays are quite the overwhelming time. Articles about reducing the stress and staying sane start popping up. But one thing that should not be complicated, is your outfit. I’m not talking about outfit of the day. But outfits of the night. I’m sure you have a lot of parties, events and things to go to and, deciding what to wear is no pickle. To make your, and my life, a...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Cyber Monday and the After Math

cyber monday

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was spent at home with two of our closest friends, eating our eyes out in pie, walking Poppy at the Long Island City waterfront and watching cult movies. I was honestly looking forward to Thursday because the day, in itself, has a lot of Christmas feel. Which gets me very excited! Everyone was a good mood, we had good food, Portuguese wine, and of course,...

Black Friday Madness and Accessories Favorites


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even though I’m going to be totally focused on turkey, gravy, stuffing and pies for the next few hours, I also have room for some more shopping. This is the final roundup Black Friday post (until next year). But it’s a good one! Because fashion needs a side kick, accessories are always key. Especially during winter, when all we see is a face and maybe an ankle (hello shimmery...

Black Friday Madness and Decor Favorites

decor destinations

Not only of fashion is Black Friday made of. Some of my favorite decor destinations also go all in with discounts and savings. It’s a great time to enjoy them because the holidays are here and what better opportunity to revamp your living room or get that cute pillow you’ve been eyeing? I love decoration, even more after moving to this apartment. There’s nothing better than to make your home a comfortable...