3 Fall Essentials in 2017

fall essentials

As much as I want to hold on to summer, fall is all around – almost like Christmas. I’m begging the sun gods to hold on a little longer so I can enjoy smooth days at the beach until October. But it’s been pretty chilly the past few days. Which has made my closet choices a bit more fall-y. The two trips I took to Lisbon (seen here and here), were...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Going Out Pajama Sets Shopping Guide

pajama sets

Good morning gorgeous people! After yesterday’s darker post, I’m ready to bring a more upbeat tune to the blog the rest of the week. Starting with pajama sets that you can wear anywhere. Late last week (if you follow me on Insta Stories you know what I’ll be talking about), I took Friday morning off, to do some shopping. Since my mood has been denying myself of a lot of...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Casual in Fall Colors and Sunday Vibes

fall colors

Casual Sundays are the greatest thing on earth. I used to hate the last day of the week. But ever since my husband only has that day off, it’s the one I look forward to the most. We always want to do something together and, since we have Poppy, it became even more special. We mainly have to find activities where dogs are allowed – but not exclusively. It always...

The Perfect Fall Background and Green Jacket


I must’ve said this a hundred times here on the blog, but I love fall. It’s one of the prettiest and most magical seasons of the year. With the turning of the leafs and the brisk air. And fall outfits are a great transition challenge. There are sunny days when you can still wear your shoes without socks but already need a light jacket for the evening cold. Especially in Long...

Velvet Dream For Fall

Zara Velvet Top, Valentino Velvet Sandals, Italian Independent Velvet Sunglasses, Rochas Velvet Clutch. Velvet has been coming up since fall 2015. I bought my first pair of velvet pants then and my collection hasn’t expanded that much. A pair of boots and I think that’s it. But I love seeing it on other people and I’m constantly looking at street style photos to see it being worn several different ways. It’s a tricky...

All About Those Sleeves


One of fall’s biggest trends hangs in the sleeves. Fashion month was totally proof of that and everyone was wearing knots, bell, accessories, tight, small and huge sleeves. If we really think about it, it’s not the most practical. You want to be able to still do things while dressing stylishly. But, from my personal experience, bell sleeves get in the way. And when I say way, I mean soup,...

Crème Sur Crème Sur Tan


I’ve been on a bit of an experimental phase lately. Especially with tones. Bouncing back and forth with neutrals, all black or color-block. But neutrals have always been a favorite. Mainly because you can have a few basic pieces that go perfectly with more trendy ones. And they actually make me feel polished and ready for work or cocktails. And the thing about neutrals is that, they work well together....

Fall Fashion and What Everyone is Wearing

fall fashion

Buckled Block Heel Shoes and Hoop Earrings, Mango Ankle Boots. I love fall fashion! I’ve said it before, but it’s my favorite season of them all. I get tired of summer easily and, halfway through August, I’m already craving from some cooler temperatures. Fashion is very forward and keeps us in the loop for one season ahead. We were still wearing flip-flops and already Vogue, and such, were stuffing jackets and...

Fall Coat, Frilled Blouse and Mom Jeans

frilled blouse

This past weekend the temperatures went down again. Which made me grab a bit more layers than the usual. On Saturday I spent the whole day home, only going for walks with Poppy, so my outfit consisted in a comfy, casual sweatpants-sweatshirt combo. On Sunday, I went for a quick brunch with my husband and played it up a bit. Even though it was a bit warmer, I still brought...

Dusty Pink and Bell Bottom Denim

dusty pink

You can tell by the sun light that the season has definitely turned. And this particular day, I felt it in the air. I drove to Long Island with my husband – more on why later – and we spent the morning and early afternoon together like the old days. Went to have lunch at our usual favorite spot in Roslyn and for a quick stroll with Poppy in the...