A Forced Hiatus

social media

One thing I love about trying to build a community is the sense of belonging. And another thing is that, when you disappear, people notice. I got a few messages asking about my whereabouts. And while I was keen to answer them all, I also felt like taking a mild break.

This whole saga started two weeks ago with a neck and back injury. It led me to the hospital, where I got a few exams, and to getting a serious case of the flu. When your immune system is already in the toilet, it’s easier to catch the flu. Pretty common actually. I had a fever, severe body pain, could not even leave the bed. Day by day I started feeling better but the cold temperatures in New York made me stay home for an entire week. Isolation mode to the max.

Which then made me abandon social media for a little bit. I wasn’t feeling anything while scrolling mindlessly. Nada! But that’s not the point necessarily. The point I made, after the thousandth time of being sick in the past three, four months, was to take better care of me. I realized I have very inconsistent habits and I need to take more time to just care for my body and mind.

I’m an anxious person by nature, and the minor things cause me to freak out easily. Something I work on a daily basis to not be, but it’s almost second nature. I try to put things into perspective and take time for myself, but it hasn’t been working. My immune system is down, my head is not in the right mindset and I want to go back to a place where I’m feeling good. Even physically. Which has been a real struggle.

Hopefully I’m done with flu and colds this winter and will just have some time to focus on myself in the coming months. Lots happening, which also is a motivation to make me work harder on feeling better. And, as always, thank you for you support, questions and love. Feeling high on DM’s.