Three Way: White Ankle Boots

white ankle boots

This post was completely serendipitous.┬áThis past weekend I was planning out outfits to wear and shoot. And when it came down to the shoe, there was only one pair I was sliding towards. The . I got these white ankle boots at an Everlane sample sale on Friday morning, and they haven’t left my feet yet. It’s now Wednesday, and we are on day 5 of wearing them out and about.

And, maybe not to most people, but this brings actual joy to my heart. When I get something (sometimes on a whim) and wear it immediately and several different ways, I feel like I hit jackpot. Because it is fashion’s jackpot. Wearing something you love, over and over. And to add on, they are super comfortable. No blisters or pain for me.

So I decided to bring back the three way posts. Remember these? They are a major pain in the ass to shoot, but feel so effective. Because, indeed, we buy clothes and accessories to wear them as much as possible. They’re not doing us a service by staying on the racks. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care for them – but that’s a different story.

Lately, I’ve been buying in such a smart way. Can you tell I’m oh so proud of me? And these white ankle boots were a major buy. I sold the pair I had a couple of months ago, so my closet was ready for a new one. I honestly did not mean to buy anything from the sample sale and here we are. They were love and fit at first sight.

Casual: with a Knit and Jeans

white ankle boots

Zara Knit, , .

This was my preferred look. If I could, this is how I would go every where. I love a chunky knit with a straight pair of pants (which will be next on my three way list). And this look was on point and exactly what a winter outfit needs. Also, looking ahead to SS 2019, I’m focusing on small pastel details.

Chic: with a Structured Blazer

white ankle boots

, Turtleneck () and , .

I have had this blazer for quite some time, but haven’t had the opportunity to wear it. It has such a springy vibe to it, that any outfit felt wrong. Until these white ankle boots. I’ll be sure to take note of this look for when warmer days arrive.

Grungy: with a Leather Piece

white ankle boots

Style Mafia Leather Blazer (on sale), , and Fendi Baguette Bag.

This was the look I was most unsure of. There was something about the balance of the top and bottom that seemed like it didn’t work. But it all comes down to angles and, I ended up loving the combination. The beanie was, honestly, due to the extreme cold that was giving me a headache.