In My Shopping Cart – Pastel Edition

shopping cart

These posts usually start with an innocent internet search for what’s new.¬†One of my hobbies is to browse the “new in” sections of the internet. In fashion, of course, but nonetheless, it’s an intensive finger workout.¬†Through which results an extensive list of bookmarked, wishlisted and saved pieces. And those, are the ones that usually make the cut. Because I want these shopping cart posts to be authentic. And I want to show you what I would actually buy. Sometimes do. Or wish to anyways.

For this specific shopping cart, there’s an apparent theme. Pastels. And I truly only realized it when I was saving the pictures to create the collage. Which, since we’re being honest, was hard to make for some reason. I couldn’t find the right positioning, fitting. But I digress. All of this to prelude you on a trip I’m taking in the coming months, with my husband, and these are the colors I want to be wearing. Of course I will tell you all about it on another post. But for now, here’s what I’m lusting over, and I hope you do too.

All the links to the products can be found on the image below. And most of the items are on sale so, go crazy kids! And happy shopping.