My Intentions for 2019

This year began weirdly. I can’t explain in what sense, but I just have a weird feeling. Which has been leading me to look around for clues of what it might be. And more importantly, it’s been helping me set my intentions for 2019. Which I like to do as time goes by, and not necessarily all at once. What I can show you are the ones I’ve already set, and a promise to keep adding them as the year goes by.

#1 not being lost in others

But found in myself. This ought to be the most important one. Taking time to find myself in the sea of so muchness. I want to be the person I look to for admiration, inspiration and recognition. Because no one does it better than yourself.

#2 back to the roots

I want to go back to my personal roots. In my personal and online life. Along the years, I forgot about the reason I once started this space right here. But since I’m looking to feel more grounded, so will I Life You.

#3 start

Anytime, anyone asks me a question about blogging, a skill, an app, my answer is always the same. Just start. It’s the single most important step you can take towards working on whatever it is you want to do. In your personal and professional life. I want to start pursuing my passion. Find my people. Speak my mind. Caring less about what others think.

#4 read

This is seriously something I miss. I used to read so much but in the paste few years (yes, years) I haven’t for some reason. So this year is going to be it. Instead of listening to podcasts on the subway I’ll just read. And, so far, so good.

#5 now

In 2019, I do not want to postpone things. I want to do them right away. I have a tendency to leave them for the next day, later, or next week. Which makes me feel unnecessary stress, when I could just do it now.