2018 Trends I’m Bringing to 2019

One swift scroll through my Instagram and it’s clear that there’s a unity in the fashion discourse. Everyone is pleading the same kind ethos; be attainable but inspirational. Mix the high with the low. Don’t abide by trends but don’t discard them. Seek for ideas but find your personal style. These, are honestly amazing statements to make. But I often wonder, how truly they are really reflected? How much people are actually following them?

I look at my own Instagram feed, blog and wardrobe and wonder how many times I’ve said the same. Out loud and to myself. How unique can a person be with all the fashion clutter we gaze through? The answer is a lot. We’re all unique in someway. Because, even though we have a lot of the same references, we make an effort to do it differently. Or it just comes naturally to you.

There’s an endless list of trends that surfaced last year. From tropical to leopard prints, objects of desire, early 2000’s, to back to school items. I know I sported a lot of them, and only a few passed through the test of time. I made a list of those trends and which ones I’m happily bringing to 2019, or leaving in 2018.

Leaving: Plaid

At some point, in the last 3 months of the year, I started selling a lot of my plaid pieces. From this skirt to this jacket, I knew that plaid was not coming with me to 2019. Not in the same prominent way at least.

Bringing: Leopard

This trend fits two categories in my book; it was both a trend and object of desire. Remember the Réalisation Par skirt everyone was wearing? Myself included? It’s definitely coming with me to the new year, in full force. I just wore it in Gran Canaria and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of the year.

Leaving: Slogans

Last year was the year of the slogan t-shirt. Remember Maria Grazia’s feminist t-shirt for Dior? And then a bunch of brands followed and I went for it. But it was quickly replaced by some other and more fitted concept trend.

Bringing: Tie Dye

I found this Proenza Schouler t-shirt and have worn it a bunch of times since. Or as much as the New York weather allows me to. And it’s definitely coming with me into this new year. I can’t wait to pair it with a denim skirt or patterned shorts.

Leaving: Dad Sneakers

This one I’m still not sure, but the last two pairs of sneakers I bought were anything but dad. These were actually one of the most comfortable pair I got last year, but besides walking the dog, they weren’t making it out of the closet.

Bringing: Cult Bags

This Staud bag won the race for most worn. Or used. I never know. But it was a sensationally amazing purchase that I did not regret once. I still love it and, come spring, it will be rocking my feed yet again. The same for my other Staud bag.

I’m also bringing shine, bucket hats, tropical prints, hair accessories and biker shorts. What are you bringing to 2019? I’d love to know.