Travel Uniform

travel uniform

Sézane Jacket and Trousers, H&M Turtleneck and Mango Sock Boots.

‘Tis the season when everyone travels back home. The days are long, the waiting periods are never-ending, but the arrival makes you forget it all. Kind of like having a baby. And today’s post is focused on my travel uniform and the rules it follows. Especially on long-ass travels when comfort is key, and it starts from the outside in.

Again, comfort is key.

As I preluded, comfort is essential. I mainly pick clothes I feel my most comfortable self in. Like sweatpants, loose pants, stretchy pants. Anything that has a give, lets me move easily and does not cause a stuck feeling. For winter, I usually try to have a pair of knit pants. For summer, I maybe go for cotton or an ever lighter fabric. Never jeans nor skirts. Loose knits that don’t itch and have a darker color or an oversized shirt. A pair of sneakers and my glasses.


Always have layers. Whether it rains or shines. Especially to go on planes, which can be very cold environments. I always pack a pair of thick socks, to take off my shoes. Have an extra sweater or cardigan and a Uniqlo heat-tech. Never hurts to have a little more than what you might need.


This. Is. Essential. I never travel without a big tote that can carry all my things. And by things I mean computer, documents, wallet, book, glasses, charger, phone, snacks (for us and Poppy), water, socks, tissue paper, hand cream, sample perfume and chapstick. I always do a check-list before leaving the house to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. It gets easier when I travel with M because we can share the weight.


I still haven’t stepped up my game and turned to in-flight masks, but I always carry my moisturizer. My skin gets extremely dry on planes, and every few hours, I spray some rose water and apply a tad of moisturizer. Another trick is to drink lots of water before and throughout the flight. You’ll arrive feeling way better and less bloated.

travel uniform

travel uniform

travel uniform

travel uniform

What’s on your check-list? Do you have a travel uniform?
I’d love to know.
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