Merry Christmas

merry christmas

I’m currently rejoicing on the fact that I’m home, with my family, enjoying this time. I always feel so grateful to be able to travel home and spend a few weeks reconnecting. With the environment, myself, my family, my husband. Living in New York makes me appreciate these days even more than I normally would. I just love waking up on the 24th, helping my mother out with preparing dinner and the desserts. All while rocking to Christmas songs.

I’m hoping to go back to New York recovered and ready to tackle the new year. But for now, my heart is full. In my PJ’s, petting my dog, sitting on my parents couch, gazing over the Christmas tree with some toasted bread. There’s seriously nothing more I could ask for. I’m a small town girl at heart.

I hope you get to enjoy today, tomorrow and everyday with the people you love the most. Around here, we surely will. Wishing you an amazing, rested and peaceful day. Merry Christmas my online fam!