Favorite Moment of 2018

favorite moment of 2018

2018 had so many highlights. I can’t even begin to jot them down. The year started with a massive hungover, which to be honest, was the only one. Followed by a lot of cold days in January and February. A very special visit in March. Another one in May. Then summer came, and I travelled by myself for the first time. I jetted off to Amsterdam, Bonn, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Rome and Tuscany (you can catch the highlights on my Instagram). Finished off summer in Portugal, with 3 relaxing weeks.

For bureaucratic reasons, I had to go back to New York at the beginning of August, and withstand the scolding hot, horrible, humid summer in the city. And by the time October rolled around, I thought I was set for the remainder of the year. But as we came to see, before I turned 30, a lot of surprises still unfolded. And within the time frame of a week, my life changed completely. It was one of the most intense weeks of my life.

All of it, to prelude that my favorite moment of 2018 was my 30th birthday. My husband killed it. He pulled out this amazing surprise, and got us a limo for the entire night. I was not expecting it at all and we had the most fun ever. Just to explain really quickly, it’s no usual to get limousines in Portugal, so it was the first time of a lot of us.

I had asked everyone to get formally dressed — because we rarely have the opportunity to do so. I wore this Self Portrait dress and everyone looked so beautiful. We drank Champagne, sang to 90’s hit music, drove all around Manhattan. And at the end of the night, I cried my eyes out, thinking about how amazingly grateful I was for this man in my life. And how he made my 30th birthday, the most special day of all.

What was your favorite moment of 2018? I’d love to know!