The Belt Everyone Is Going Crazy For

crystal belt

I haven’t been keen on pursuing trends this season, but this belt got to me. It’s not enough that it took me by surprise, but the fact that its value has increased a lot. It’s a funny story actually. A few weeks ago, on my internet rants, I found an image on Pinterest of a girl wearing it. I started researching for terms like shiny and crystal belt. There wasn’t a lot popping up other than a few bejeweled belts.

Than last week, I was walking up and down fifth avenue, on my lunch break and stretching my legs. When suddenly, I stopped. A store I’ve heard of, passed by, but never walked in, had it on display. Intermix of all places. It was over a purple low-cut mini dress. Of course I got in and asked to see it, which took a while because that was the only one. The girl working at the store told me it was on high demand.

I touched it but then saw the price and felt like it was too much for the bejeweled/crystal belt of my dreams. I hesitated but walked away and carried on with my day. But I couldn’t get that beauty out of my head. When I shared it on my Insta Stories a few weeks back, I had a few conversations about it. People wanted it as well. That day, I ended up sharing the link to it so people could maybe get it.

I went on another rant. In search of it on Poshmark, Depop, Ebay. And actually found it. Several actually. Apparently, everyone is looking for it now. I ended up getting it from Ebay, from a store in Miami. It actually arrived two days ago, I had some time to photograph it late last night, and voilá. Sharing it with you now so you too, can get the crystal belt of your dreams. This was the first outfit I envisioned me wearing it. An oversized second hand Calvin Klein blazer, semi-see-through tights and some elegant boots. Worked out perfectly with a colorful and sparkly Tom Ford eyeshadow. The rest, is history.

Shop the crystal belt below: