5 Tips to Make Your Christmas Shopping Easier

tips to shop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas and could not be more excited counting down the days to go home. But with it, comes the highly stressful Christmas shopping season. And while I won’t be telling you what to get, I’ll certainly help you with some easy to follow tips to shop. I actually thought of them last weekend when I started to do my own shopping. And found that I was more effective, got through the shopping quicker and even had fun.

#1 Make a list

It might seem like a basic tip. But when you make a list of the people you need to shop for, you get organized instantly. Not only are you jotting down who you have to focus on, but you know what places you have to go.

#2 Know what you’re looking for

This one may be harder. But instead of roaming around stores without a specific item thought out, think of things that that person might like/want/need. I start to browse, ask around and go with my gut. Not to brag, but I’m usually good at giving gifts. Tip: when in doubt, always go for a scented candle, a luxurious hand washer, or a beautiful coffee table book.

#3 Search online first

Before heading out into the madness of Christmas shopping, I always do some research online. To see if the things I might be thinking about getting are in stock and in which stores I can find them. This way, I can plan ahead and have them all done at the same area – if possible.

#4 Take fabric bags with you

Instead of using the stores’ bags, make sure you take several of your own. It’s a great way to shop a little bit more sustainably and not carry around thousands of bags.

#5 Always search for the alternative

Whenever I decide on a gift, this season, I’ve also been looking for a second hand option. Let’s say, I’m getting my mother a silk shirt, instead of going to a high-end street store, I search for a second hand first. If I find a great deal and quality/price balance, I purchase it. Some things you won’t find second hand, but try to get as much as possible.