My Favorite Birthday Memory

birthday memory

I’ve had 29 birthdays throughout my life. Some were good, some were bad. But quite a few stand out from the bunch. It had never occurred to me this idea of talking about my favorite one. Which sounds like such a sweet thing to do. And I’ll be asking you this question, so start thinking about the answer.

When I was little, birthdays were full of people. I remember one I had at the house my parents still live in. Despite being November, we were wearing t-shirts, it was sunny, warm and we were out running. My birthday cake was in a shape of strawberry, sprinkled with smarties and frosting. Someone had given me a plastic set of princess accessories and I was wearing them all. Then, on my 12th birthday, my best friend said he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. I was startled, didn’t know what to say, but I do remember wearing a cashmere cardigan and sweater with a pair of corduroy pants. Fashun.

My 13th was when I first straightened out my hair and went out to dinner with all my friends. Parents drove everyone of course and we went to the movies after.  But my favorite birthday memory of all time, was of my 19th birthday. I was already living in Lisbon and it was on a Saturday. I gathered a huge group of my friends and we all went out to lunch at one of the best pizza places in Lisbon. The restaurant is a sort of a narrow rectangle and we were the only party on one side. It was such an amazing birthday. The lunch lasted hours, the conversation, food, environment was amazing. I remember feeling so incredibly grateful to have such great friends and how happy I was.

There was also my 22nd birthday, when my friends threw me a party at their place, also in Lisbon. And even though I blacked out halfway through, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in my entire life. So many people were there for me. There was even a board on the kitchen where they would write little love notes. It would easily be my favorite birthday memory if I hadn’t drink too much and fallen asleep at 1AM.

I turned 23 in Dubai and that was one of the hardest birthdays I’ve had. We ended up having fun, but I cried the entire night. I was away from my family, my friends and my father called me when it was midnight in Dubai and then in Portugal. One of my best friends made me a song. You can imagine how devastated I was. Nonetheless, we dressed up, had dinner at a very chic restaurant, and went out dancing.

In New York I have no particular memory of my birthdays. I guess being away makes them feel a little less festive. It’s so random the things you remember and the ones you don’t. But I remember my 19th birthday being my all time favorite birthday memory.

What was your favorite birthday memory? I’d love to know.