30 Things I’ve Learned In 30 Years

Happy Monday! It is officially my birthday week. And here we are again, dedicating it a whole week. Particularly this year, because I turn 30. If you haven’t noticed by the title. I’m always big on birthdays, mine or the people I love. And still get this chill in my stomach throughout the whole day. It’s such a poignant celebration that I have no idea how I’m going to be celebrating.

I overtly asked to be laying on a beach, with a margarita in my hand and some nachos and guacamole on the other. But since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I’ll stick to a fancy celebration dinner with my New York family and friends. For now, let’s talk about what I’ve come to gather in the past 30 years. And how I hope to impart that wisdom on some younger souls and spirits.

1. You’ll find out that your age is not the most important thing but how you feel inside.

2. Some years are just going to be that hard.

3. You will be able to overcome it.

4. You are your own worst enemy (learnt the hard way).

5. You will find that some friends that weren’t right for you at some point, may later be great friends.

6. It’s more than okay to be alone.

7. You are going to feel the need to start over again and again.

8. Always take chances. But be aware that not every opportunity is a good one. And you won’t know that unless you try and fail.

9. You will always be able to make new friends.

10. Say thank you.

11. Take care of your body. But know when to trash it a little bit.

12. Don’t force relationships.

13. Remember where you come from.

14. Don’t try to control too much.

15. If you need help, ask for it.

16. Always try your best. At least you know you did.

17. Laugh at yourself.

18. Your first love won’t necessarily be the one. Even though you might think it is at the time.

19. Like Carrie Bradshaw would say, buy the shoes.

20. Drink water.

21. Appreciate the closest people in your life.

22. What is now won’t be in a while.

23. You won’t be able to appreciate that what you have now was what you wanted a while back.

24. Work hard. Don’t dismiss something just because you think it’s beneath you. You can be 29 and still be doing a job of an intern.

25. It’s okay to be afraid.

26. If you can, try to live abroad sometime. If will change your life.

27. Get dressed up for Halloween. Fun is guaranteed.

28. It’s okay to freak out when your closest friends start having babies.

29. Stop with the jealously and comparison.

30. Remember to live life.