What You Can Still Wear Until the End of Summer

end of summer

Summer is approaching to its yearly end. We all know what this means after Labor Day. Besides the obvious US Open final, New York Fashion Week and iced brewed last breaths, there’s the layering. Summer is the equivalent of easy breeze dresses and playful jumpsuits. And while, my favorite shopping destinations have already been in fall/winter mode since mid-August, my mind still thinks summah. The only pieces I got in Portugal are fairly transitional. Which means, I can wear them now, while it’s still scolding hot. But also, in a few weeks time, when the first leafs start to fall.

For now, I’m sticking to spaghetti strap-tops, retro denim skirts and French Riviera styled sandals. Here’s what you can still wear until the clock reaches midnight, and what you should be getting to transition into the new season.

Spaghetti Strap Tops

I got a couple of these over the summer. My favorite being this white silky one (which you’ve probably seen all over, like here and here). It’s such a versatile piece, and I got it on a whim at H&M, a few months back, but here’s a very similar albeit a bit more expensive one. I’ve been wearing it with several different bottoms, where the sky isn’t even the limit.

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Retro Denim Midi-Skirts

Back in the early 2000’s, I remember getting into one of my favorite stores at the time: Stradivarius. They had a huge collection of denim midi-skirts and I got 3 different denim tones. The light one, middle and dark. I remember wearing them every-single-day as my back to school look. I paired them with polo shirts, white tees and tube tanks. Those were the hay-days. I’m going back to the look with an updated version and, this time around, only one option.

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Summer Dresses

end of summer

The one thing I love to wear all summer long, are dresses. They are the easiest, most fun piece. You just have to pull them over your head, slide some sandals, and you’re out the door. I could not live without dresses during summer, and this year, I’m perpetuating that easiness into September. Since New York winter is harsh and there’s no way I can pull them off, it’s all-I-can-wear-season now.

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I always find it easier to wear leather pieces once the weather gets chillier. But these are the ones that will help you create a less beach-y look, and a more season-transitional look. I personally will fall back on this easy leather skirt, dress and jacket.

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