The Silk Shirt With No Buttons

silk shirt

H&M Linen Blazer (similar here), Mango Silk Shirt (on sale) and Mules (similar), Dior Vintage Bag.

As you’re reading this, I’m sure another button has fallen off. Making it impossible for me to wear this shirt. Mango managed to piss me off a bit, because buttons keep falling off this silk shirt. Just for these pictures alone, 3 of them fell off. As I’m writing this, another one literally fell onto the ground (can they hear me?). Then again, I have a soft spot for a beautiful silk shirt, if you remember.

Other than that, this could be one of my favorite outfits. It hits all my soft spots; shows my legs, elegant enough for a soirée, pairs nicely with a linen blazer, feels like a PJ. Catchiiiiiing. Anything else is just a bonus, like a good hair day and the perfect setting. You’ve seen this background before, and I’m not afraid to show it. I recently discovered a new food spot that’s right there — which I’ve been to 4 times in April. And another in May.

But back to the outfit, prepare to see it often here. Because when I like an outfit, I tend to wear it over and over again. Pending on the buttons issue of course. I’m taking myself this week to a button shop I’ve been to before in Manhattan. I was there for two of my final projects a couple of months ago, and it’s just a dreamy place. If you love buttons, you’ll understand why. Then, I just have to learn how to sow and voilá. You know what they say. When life gives you buttons, learn how to sew them.

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