In the Market For a Bucket Bag

bucket bag

The year was 2012, and the world was coming out of a nasty recession. I still remember reading around the interwebs about Mansur Gavriel and how mesmerized I was with the tan bucket bag. I researched for the origins of the name, the launch of the brand, and what the fuss was about. It was bag at first sight. I’m still not in possession of one, but the obsession is real. I assure you.

Then, last year, I fell in love yet again. The year was 2017. It was summer, scolding hot, and I decided to order this pretty lady. It arrived the same day I went back to Portugal for summer. And it’s honestly the most worn bag of my entire closet/life/ever. You can see it here, here, here and everywhere. Which got me thinking that, with Spring around the corner, it’s maybe the right time to find the perfect bucket bag.

I already have mine, but being the crazy-obsessed-fashion-aficionado that I am, it can’t hurt to look. But I’m still using this bag to death and there are so many other beautiful color options; like the dark blue/white or red/dark blue. Do you have a bucket bag? Any recommendations I can look into? Also, shop my favorites below.

bucket bagbucket bag

bucket bag

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