5 Things Eduarda Taught Me.

5 things Eduarda taught me

I’ve been in this blogging world for more than a decade now – does that make me a dinosaur, already? – and I was fortunate enough to have very good people crossing my path. People can be really mischief in this field. There’s a lot of jealousy and bad intentioned people. And when you have the luck to have good people around you, working and growing with you… it priceless. And Eduarda fits, for sure, in that category of people: the ones I keep close by in this blogging industry.

But not only. In my life as well. I got to know her quite recently. I think I must have tripped on her content a little over a year ago, I’d say. She was doing an amazing giveaway (that I wasn’t lucky enough to win, by the way) and that, of course, got my attention. But looking beyond that, I saw such a good-looking girl, with amazing content and very good sense of style. We changed some Instagram messages and our love just bloomed. This could, easily, be a 21st century love story, right? Well, and it kinda is – that friend love, you know?

And, honestly, I don’t know how I’ve lived almost 27 years without her. And that’s why, today, I want to tell you 5 things that Eduarda taught me over the last year or so.

  1. There’s always a silver lining.

Your content didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to or the way you’ve imagined it would? Don’t worry – turn it into an Instagram Story and show it to your audience that we – bloggers – also have bad days and that not everything turns out just as we’d hope for on the first try. Are you afraid to text him first after your date just because you really liked him?

Eduarda will tell you that it’s better to regret something you did that didn’t end as you’d like, than to regret of not even trying to do it. Were you awake till 4 in the morning editing some photos and tomorrow you’ll have to awake up at 7am? At least your posting some content your proud of. This is Eduarda – the queen of showing you that there’s always, always, aaaaalways another side to everything, even when I cannot see it. And usually, it is a very good point of view.

  1. Do not give up.

She should be one of the most self-motivated people I know. I cannot tell you how many times Eduarda have sent me a text saying “I need to go to the gym even tho I don’t want to!”, and she always goes anyway! And this applies to everything. When she’s not happy with the content she’s sharing, she’ll find a way to improve it. If her community is not reacting as she’d like to, she won’t give up until she has another strategy.

She is stubborn, she is a perfectionist and she’s always aware of every detail. And i kinda envy that… She always goes that extra step and I think that really shows in all of her content. I mean, have you seen the effort she put in her Instagram Stories? They’re the best!

  1. It’s okay to make fun of yourself.

And since we’re talking about her Stories, you’ll find that she’s the most down to earth girl you could follow around here. Don’t expect to see her always with full make up on, going to the nicest places, not saying one bad word or singing extremely on tune. You’ll find that – for sure.

But you’ll also find the Eduarda I so deeply love. The one that has no filters, that sings in the car along with Manel, that makes stories while laying in the couch and not even concerned that her pimples are showing, that records herself running in the treadmill looking just as good as we all look while in the gym (and I’m not talking to those weird human beings who don’t sweat or turn a tomato while running!). The one who accepts who she is, just how she is. With all her faults and everything that make her who she is – even if she has to make a little fun of herself. And, with her, I’m learning to do this everyday – to be a little less up tight and strict with myself.

  1. You don’t have the right to judge anyone.

When you work in social media and expose your image for a good amount of people, you’ll be judged. By people you know, by people you don’t, by your friends, (specially) by you enemies. But Eduarda will always show you that we all do everything for a reason and that we do not have to right to judge anyone – not even ourselves.

As friends, we’ve shared a good amount of complaining about everything going on in our lifes. And even tho we might not always do the right thing, she has always told me that she cannot judge me by my decisions – even when she doesn’t agree with them – and that she’ll support me no matter what. That’s quite a lesson, right?

  1. Bloggers’ wife are still a thing. And she’s mine.

We live a long distance relationship, kinda. And Eduarda showed me that, despite everything, it’s still possible to find someone who understands you and loves you in this blogging world. I’ve had quite a few bad friendship experiences over the last ten years, but she’s the one who’ve showed me that there’s still good people around – even when you’re in the other side of the world. She’s always aiming to help me create better content, to improve myself, to motivate me… Even to help me edit photos when I don’t have the time to.

But that’s not all. In the real life, she’s the one I’ve shared the longest audios on What’s app (we call them Audiobooks, for the record!), that always checks on me to see how my day is going (the long distance thing, you know… you have to keep the flame alive!) and that never asks for anything in return. And I mean… there’s a few people around that would do the same for you. She’s a keeper, guys. She’s a keeper!


I’m just so glad to have this girl in my life and, trust me, besides being a good friend, she’s a hell of a great blogger! And I do love you, my Eduarda. <3

Now go ahead and check my blog, at www.ummalmequer.com. It seems like Eduarda left me something there too and I have no clue what is it… But, having cancer as my moon sign, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cry anyway!