Polished Blazers to the Rescue

polished blazers

I read, or heard, somewhere that if you’re looking at what others are doing, you are not doing it yourself. And truth is, we spend so much time looking and sourcing for inspiration that we ourselves, forget to create. I’m no longer doing that, nor am I dropping my daily reads. But I’m focusing more on creating what I want to see out there, and not what others are doing.

Having that said, let’s talk clothes. Last week, I published this video on Instagram. And then this photo. Ever since I started wearing sweaters as casual attire, I haven’t looked back. I spend most of my days working in front of a computer, so what I wear needs to be practical enough for daily tasks. Like walking the dog, going to the supermarket, going to the coffee shop and work. But also, like our homes, I need to feel like I’m 10 minutes away from prepared to leave.

While this look might seem casual at first – with the sneakers, and the hoodie – if you top it off with a beautifully tailored blazer, off you can go. And that’s the formula I want to apply to all my outfits from now on. I want to be simply almost-ready. Of course if I have an appointment, interview or am meeting someone to shoot, I put a little something-something extra. But let’s talk about that tomorrow.

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