Not Your Typical Monochromatic Look


When I think of a monochromatic look, I immediately revert to all-black, all-white, or all-neutral. It’s a more common association than an all colored ensemble. But for this exercise, I thought I’d try a colored monochromatic look. There was a time when pink wasn’t in my wardrobe. At all. I had a lot of red, military green, yellow. But no hint of even a pink accessory. Then my girly years came, and I was wearing pink again. Granted, only in accessories, but there it was.

For the past few years, it has been creeping out on my wardrobe. From this jumper, to this juxtaposition, this explosion, and these details, you can see the effect. More recently, I took a leap of faith, and bought these pants. In lieu of what I saw during New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t resist the tailored pink pants that make a huge statement, other than a girly-looking-piece.

Even though I love me some denim, tailored pants are hard to find for my body type. My longs aren’t that long, my waist is a few inches upper than normal and I have a few donuts in my belly. But these ones, with the belt to cover all that up, are just the perfect transition piece. Still unsure of how I’m going to style them, I have to say, I love the fit and want to have fun wearing them around town.


Shop some of my favorite pink pieces: