What the Fuck Instagram?


I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read about Instagram. Ever since I started using the platform to help me promote my blog and brand, it’s been a whirlwind. I still remember when I started reading about the algorithm. Then the change in the 3 row feed. Shadow ban. Hashtags. I can’t keep track of all the things I have jotted down, read, implemented, tried and failed. Every conference, workshop or talk I attend, I hear people talking about what worked for them. I’ve had conversations with fellow Instagram friends about it. But there’s no consensus.

I feel exhausted just thinking about it. And ridiculous to give it such importance. I tick all the boxes when it comes to Instagram. I create content for the platform and post it regularly. Lookout for the times my users are most connected. Engage with my audience. Engage with the people I follow. Tag friends and other engaged Instagram users. Use relevant hashtags and tag relevant accounts. But feel like nothing is happening for me. Literally. My growth rate is ridiculously low.

When you have a brand and you feel like your job is to promote that brand, Instagram is an important tool. A very important tool. And then you hear the stories of success, and wonder what are they doing that you’re not. They might tell you a portion of the story, but finish off by saying this worked for me, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. It gets to the point of being highly frustrating to be spending so much time worried about something without greater results.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve come a long way from where I used to be. And I feel truly inspired by some of the accounts I follow. Looking through their feeds, pictures, videos, stories. They give me inspiration every day. But if we are being really honest with ourselves, we’re all looking out for those little numbers to increase. Isn’t that the point of sharing something? Patience is a virtue, and we all have to be patient, practice, practice, practice, try, fail, try, fail.

My point is, what happens when you put in all the work? Just throw it out the window and start doing something else? Something different? Are you facing the same questions I am? Or is it just me and my paranoia-anxiety-insomnia talking? Do you feel like you could be doing more? Do you have any tips you can give me? Or something you’d like me to share more about my experience?