Top 5 Favorite Places in NYC at the Moment

top 5 favorite places in nyc

New York is such an ever changing city. It’s impossible to have a top 5 of anything. But since I’m not often out and about, I find it comforting to rely on a few favorite places. I push myself to take a day or two a week to go out and enjoy the city. Working from home drains it all, and the loneliness I feel is palpable. Which doesn’t have to be a sad thing, it just is.

On those days, I always plan out where I’m going and what I’m going to do. SoHo ends up being an ultimate destination because of the variety of places you have. From cute little restaurants to bookshops and fashion stores. There’s always an alternative – even if you don’t have a plan. Based on that, I decided to take you through my top 5 favorite places in NYC at the moment.

#1 Beacon’s Closet

top 5 favorite places in nyc

One of my favorite places to go for the past few months is Beacon’s Closet. This second hand store has a lot of things to dig out. I can spend up to 2 or 3 hours looking through all the clothes. It’s filled with gems and you always leave feeling invigorated by all that vintage.

#2 Strand

Strand Book Store is one of my favorites in New York. Every time a new school year starts, I get reminded of how great it is. And end up going there once every two weeks to browse through their books. It’s always filled with people, reading, talking, writing. I love the vibe and non-stopping motion.

#3 Sunday in Brooklyn

top 5 favorite places in nyc

There are so many places that are just a subway ride away. And I usually grab my computer and go for breakfast and a long stay. Sunday in Brooklyn is one of those places. Just this past weekend, I was there working a bit and enjoying the amazing soundtrack. Doesn’t hurt that they have the best pancakes in Brooklyn.

#4 Café Collette

I’ve been going to Café Collette more than I like to admit. It’s such a great spot to enjoy some tea and read a book. The ambiance is very french and secluded. I can spend afternoons there.

#5 Lower East Side

top 5 favorite places in nyc

The LES is one of the most vibrant places in Manhattan. Even though it’s nearly impossible to walk outside, you can make an effort for the LES. The alleys, facades, stores and restaurants make for the perfect destination to go for a walk. You are guaranteed to find something interesting and worth your while.