03. Declutter


The third installment of this 2018 series is declutter. You can read one and two. It seems highly appropriate, since yesterday I decided to clean and declutter the apartment from top to floor. I was feeling on the edge of a breakdown and, when all else seems to go wrong, cleaning and decluttering gets me going. It gives me a sense of control, over a life I often cannot.

I cleaned out, re-arranged shelves, countertops, tables, threw out a lot of things. Followed the golden rule: if I haven’t used it in a year, it goes. There’s no space for clutter in my life. And when you work from home, it feels especially imperative to have an organized and functional space. While that might be changing soon, I thought it would be the ideal time to do so. Started at 7PM and finished at 10:30PM. My back hurts, but I woke up feeling like my house reflected me again.

Every month, I want to declutter. To find things I don’t use, papers lying around, whatever it is, and throw them out. My life is so complicated right now, that feels amazing to just pick things up, not think about them and throw them out. We have too much stuff anyways. I sincerely advise you to do the same. Don’t hold on to things that you don’t need.

Every month, I’ll do a declutter, keep you updated and I’d love to know if you do it too. Or do you keep things around?