02. Moderation


The second shift happening in 2018 is moderation. The same premise applies, less of everything. Makeup, food, clothes, and all that is in excess. Because this is a year I’m focusing on myself, I want to figure out what I actually need. We all live in a culture of abundance and hold on to things that don’t actually matter much in the end. I’m grateful to have a roof, food, heat, coats, comfort. But I’m realizing the importance of moderation.

For instances, when I cook, I always over do it, because I’m afraid it’s not going to be enough. This leads to eating way more than I should. I see the food in the pan and feel the urge to eat it. When my husband cooks – which should be often – he does it in the right quantities. Maybe there’s some leftovers but the food he puts in my plate always seems to be enough.

Lately, what I’ve been doing is, whenever I think I should pour another spoon full of rice, I don’t. If I feel like having a third toast, I don’t. If I feel like buying yet another pair of pants, I don’t. And the secret is to apply this method to every thing you do. Unless you absolutely need it – because you’re starving or donated a pair of jeans. Moderation is in the balance of things. And the key is finding that balance.